IN THE NEW AGE is Rock-Ola’s biggest USA dealer as well and the largest ONLINE retailer for Rock-Ola.

Rock-Ola has more jukebox in product than any other dealer in the United States.

So, whether you are thinking of purchasing a Rock-Ola or you already have an order pending with ITNA, here are some images to show you how these fine jukeboxes are made.

Remember, these are time consuming to build. Everything cabinet his hand made from real California trees.

During 2021 – 2022 the demand for these fine pieces is at historical levels!

These are hand-made by real people and not machines or robots.

These are one of the few hand-made jukeboxes in the world and the only American made jukebox.

Even still, as of TODAY, Covid is affecting production.

Even though these are made in the USA, many of the components such as record carrousels, CD-changers, LCD touchscreens, and any electronic are made over seas.

Chrom and brass castings are made from outside sources.

However, purchasing such a fine piece of craftsmanship such as a Rock-Ola, you are almost certain to own a jukebox that is not only beautiful and sounds absolutely amazing, but will appreciate in value over a short period of time!

Key factors that determine shipping time are as follows:


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